Carris Marriott- I Bake… Local

I Bake… Local

chocolate and caramel cakes 4

Link to Google document containing my Project portfolio, including my Journal, appendix, blog/social media details and PDF version of my completed E-Book: Ibake… Local google doc

Link to Ibake… Local blog

Reflective writing of project

My initial thoughts of this module were very exciting, having the ability to create whatever project may interest us. Having a keen interest with food and baking, I knew that I wanted to base my project within this area. To begin with I did think about create foodie events in the city and various other ideas, but decided with the idea of creating an E-cookbook as this could give me the potential to do exactly what I want and create my own recipes to share with people.

I had previously created and run food blogs and had lots of influenced from work by my Boss, Richard Bertinet and his bread and patisserie books, as well as the amazing produce we sue and the products I’m working with daily, and the fact that I love to create pretty and tasty recipes for my family and friends on a regular basis.

Once I’d decided what my project was going to be, and after talking with Mimi, I then had the hard decision of deciding what my book’s theme was going to be about and what kind of recipes would I feature.

I began by researching about how to go about creating a cookbook, focusing on E-books, as well as research into current cookbooks and what’s already out there.

Following this I began research into copyright of recipes and any issues that I might face during my project, as well as research into food styling and photography.

I also purchased an e-book and started learning the ins and outs of InDesign, as I had little experience with the software, well as watching online tutorials of InDesign in order to develop my project.

My research led me to the idea of creating a book that would focus on recipes using locally sourced ingredients and produce, with a large theme being, food for sharing.

So featuring any recipes, such as cakes and tray bakes that can be cut and shared between people.

After sharing my ideas to the class during my 14word elevator pitch, it gave me confidence that this was a good idea and start to my project. Which then led me into the beginning of my background/context report and creating my planning portfolio. The following weeks were made up of research and writing all of the information and elements required for my planning portfolio, due in December.

The few of our class sessions we had, we’re extremely useful for both the project and for myself, learning new skills, which I discuss more in my journal. I only wish that we had more sessions as a class, as they involved learning skills that will be useful in the future.

Intro the New Year and the official start to the project, I received my feedback on the planning portfolio, which I was quite disappointed with my grade, but Mimi gave me the confidence that I could make up for this in my project portfolio and with my actual project. She gave me details of my guidance tutor for the project, Katharine Reeve, who I emailed straight away to arrange a meeting, in order to get my project straight on track.

Following this, we agreed on the 17th of February to meet and discuss my project, which unfortunately fell through on her behalf. I then emailed again with no response, this led me to talk to Mimi who suggested that I Cc her in on an email and this worked, briefly, but followed again with no response.

During this time, we also had the publishing workshop during reading week, which wasn’t particularly useful, but got everyone on track on how to post and present our projects on word press, through our individual sites.

Meanwhile, I revisited my timeline for the project, as Mimi suggested that I re-edited and wrote in new dates and a schedule in order to keep on track with my project and deadlines, alongside other modules and projects.

I started recipe testing and creating a rough design for my Page layouts on InDesign, as well as setting up a word press blog site and Instagram, which also led me to create a name for my project being, I Bake… local.

During this time I also emailed local suppliers I wanted to use, ensuring they don’t mind me using them/ listing as a supplier within my book, which included Ivy House Farm and Shipton Mill, as well as going in and speaking to my local green grocers and health food shops. Focusing on my local produce side of the project, which I received a very positive response and a few of the retailers asked to see my final completed project. I even received an invite to visit Ivy house farm to see how everything was made and produced.

Before the Easter break, I met with Mimi to sign off on my assessment agreement for the project (as I was still unable to meet with Katharine Reeve) and discussed what work needs to be submitted alongside my complete project in May and how to present it (i.e. Google document).

Over the coming weeks I put a lot of focus into my blog and creating my EBook, finalising all my recipes, while working with Scott Lomax (A film student at UWE) who helped me create lovely photos of my food to use in my book, which involved taking photos on his Cannon 600d and editing on Photoshop. I went to college with Scott and as he goes to University in Bristol and we have known each other for a long time, he’s very talented with a camera, so I felt was a great person to get involved with for my project.

We had set days over the Easter break, when we we’re both available on 7-9th April, where we had outside and inside photo shoots at Scott’s house, which were lovely due to the nice weather, sunshine and natural light.

The days involved lots of baking and photos, and scanning through all the photographs taken and deciding which would work and look best for my blog and in my E-book.

Once I had created as many recipes as I could during my time scale, I put my book together and finalised the project. I created hyperlinks on each ingredient i.e. flour, so that with the click on a button it’ll direct you straight to the supplier I used with information of how purchase the product. I also created a hyperlink on the about Ibake page that directs you straight to my blog site, obviously the hyperlinks only work while connected to the Internet.

I then began moving my focus to the work due to be submitted alongside my digital representation, including this 1,500 reflective writing piece, my journal and appendix.

Luckily I had been keeping a diary journal over the whole process, so I could relate back to what I had done over this module. So I just needed to find all the materials I used for my appendix including original and final drafts of my Ebook, emails with suppliers and lots of screen grabs and link everything together through a Google document and submit.

The main downfall of the project in my view is my lack of time, due to commitments to other modules including my dissertation and event management module involving line up film festival, as well as working part-time over the year. Obviously these can be unavoidable, but if I had been better with my organisation and time keeping, as well as taking all my other commitments into consideration on my timeline, I may have been able to achieve this, or given myself less to do for my project, i.e. the blog site.

Due to this, I was unable to produce as many recipe as I wanted, meaning my book is quite short, but once I’ve finished at Bath Spa and over the summer I plan to revisit and create more recipes for my book and improve, as well as continuing to add content to my blog site and gain an audience, In order to use the material to show potential clients and employers in the future.

This meaning that I haven’t published my E-Book as i’m not entirely happy with it, so it’s viewable in my Google Doc as a PDF and you can see screen grabs of it being previewed on Apple Ibooks. My blog site and Instagram are both up and running, but again I don’t want to over publicise my project until i’m completely happy with it, so have only published a small amount of material on both.

The project as a whole has been fun and I’ve learn a lot of new skills, including things learnt in the lessons with Mimi, as well as developing my understanding of InDesign, food styling and photography and how to create an actual E-Book, which I hope to develop more in the future enable to begin my career.

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